I (love) M​.​E.

by Ta!ent

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Welcome to "I (love) M.E.".
This album was a challenge in pressure for me. I ended up not making the Valentine's Day release date but just barely. Glad to have finally got it out. A disclaimer to all listeners: this is not a rap album. It leans more towards hip hop; Spoken word hip hop. I call it the spoken word flow. I tapped into beats that spoke to me, and allowed words to flow out without care for rhythm or rhyme. And refined afterwards.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do, everything was pretty much completed within the past month. Including the promotional "Essence" series of videos I had been churning out. There should be a link to them below. Special thanks goes out to Yuhanna, Oliver, Haafizah, and Mariam for helping me to get the shots and inspirations that I did. Enjoy.

This album was born out of a need for me to access a new form of creativity. Rapping wasn't enough. Alot of these songs are philosophical explorations into different topics that have crossed my mind at some point or another, but the general theme is that one can never lose sight of the most important thing in life, loving yourself. Acquiring a deep and lasting positive connection with yourself, so that you may do the same with the rest of the world as need be. I love M.E..

My Essence.
Shouts out to Bong Man as well for lighting a fire under my ass and providing a REAL pop filter haha #1407

<3 Mom <3


released February 14, 2013

*01 produced by Cafe Del Mar
*02 produced by Fragile State
*03 produced by Oliver Jackson/Tae Beast
*04 produced by Yuhanna/Ta!ent
*05 produced by DJ Shadow/The Wierrd People
*06 produced by Dr. Draw/Tae Beast
*07 produced by Chris Roman
*08 produced by Flying Lotus
*09 produced by Outkast
*10 produced by Sap/Tae Beast

Mixed and mastered by Ta!ent
Additional vocals by Haafizah, Yuhanna, and Oliver Jackson.
Artwork by Ta!ent.




Ta!ent Toronto, Ontario

I'm an MC/producer hailing from Toronto, ON, Canada. I keep things fresh and always need to be innovating when I get on the mic or the boards.

This music. Its me. Whether I made a beat, or I laced a verse on a track, every note and rhyme carries an element of myself. I'm constantly growing, changing, and improving whenever I can. Making music that bangs, touches, and sways. Enjoy
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