MyReturn: The Mixtape

by Ta!ent

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"My Return": The Mixtape. Its finally here. This mixtape is the brainchild of an unfortunate series of events that lead me to be forced to re-evaluate my life as it appeared before me, as well as where I was at the moment, and where I had been for years.

This is my first mixtape of sorts; the first project I've put out to receive that title. Its a journey through the mindstate of someone (myself), who struggles with self-identity and relying on one's self for happiness, then turns into a cold-hearted monster in the process of confusion arising from said self-doubt. It ultimately ends with the realization that I knew my self-worth all along and simply had to find it. Once we find the way for ourselves, only then can we start to help with finding the way for others. If we so choose.

This is My Return. My Return to me. My Return to the world.

Thank you for listening.


released October 8, 2012

*Recorded, mixed and mastered by Enzo St. Clair
**Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ta!ent
***Recorded, mixed and mastered by 401 Music Studios
****Recorded, mixed and mastered by Einstein

Special thanks to:

My sister Crystal, Shally, Tony, Kylie, Sami, Sarah, Haafi, Oliver, Stephen, my Aunty Cissy, cousin Aleia, Grandma, cousin Melissa, Steph & Kevin, Letitia, Yvonne, Bessy, Bessie, Vanitie, Stephanie, Faiyaz, Jozie M., Dora, Yuhanna, Aunty Timmy, Sara P., Sabat, Khadija, Mr. Aloise, Mr. Dahlke, Ms. Meherali, Dillan & Roshni, Michael, Justin K., Yogi, Gracia, Saleem, Faiza, Shafika, Kurt, Shenny Shakes, Rob, Naiema, Riya, Thanuya, Mehraj, cousin Allana, friend Allana, Shane B., Candace, Jason, Brittney, Kory, Sam P., the awesome Sultana, my cats Lucky and Scottie Pippen, my dear sister Werma, Jen Fabico (and Scarborough Arts) my teacher Gavin, and of course ALL of the Phase 2 fam. Thanks to All of you guys, cuz without you I wouln't have had the encouragement to make this mixtape. And if not for some of you, I probably wouldn't even be here. Literally. Thank you.

Also to my musical fam, some who I've met and who I haven't, we're all connected, thank you for inspiring me with your brand of music as well as providing encouraging words and feedback on this harsh trail that we follow as artists. Thank you to Earl Monero, Verbal Trauma, Apostle P, Enzo St. Clair, Yasin, Trevar, Vindetta, Bong Man, Jbeats, Dzyn in Poland, Shad Wylliums, Matthew, Rekast, D.J. Manion, Nick, Wolfsflow, Justin Bishop, Sense, J-Don, Tyler Nicholas, Adrian S., Chris Morris, Sevan, OnQBeats, and so many more.

A final thank you to none other than my conflicted yet striving soul, my loving mother, and that bottle of Appletons I keep hidden in my underwear drawer. The life, birth, and death of me.


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all rights reserved


Ta!ent Toronto, Ontario

I'm an MC/producer hailing from Toronto, ON, Canada. I keep things fresh and always need to be innovating when I get on the mic or the boards.

This music. Its me. Whether I made a beat, or I laced a verse on a track, every note and rhyme carries an element of myself. I'm constantly growing, changing, and improving whenever I can. Making music that bangs, touches, and sways. Enjoy
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Track Name: Intro (What's Left) (Prod. LXG)*
In a sacred space no one can enter,
except for you, lookin for the connection to my center,
your steps will guide, on my inner soul ride,
to what's left to do, what's left of new, what's left of old is what's left of you,
what's left is cold, and what's left is sober,
or anything but, you've never seen what is best for you,
if everything's cut, what's left to do?
seen everything but what's best for me, seen faint glimpses of destiny,
so off your planet I step, into my sacred space,
so I can save
what's left-/
what's left?
Track Name: King's Business (Prod. IrateGeniusBeats)**
see life through the light,
only you can save you,
you gotta make ya smile,
no one else can make you

2 years you were my rock,
new fears I flock to broken seal bottles,
so I can feel hollow,
on my broken soul I rap,
not with rollin solo tap,
into my solar pa-
-nels, plan slow,
my goals, to roll with my stored,
energy, renew me being friend to me,
and see you as extending me,
closed doors open new ones,
so as you closed shut to cut me off,
I'm feeling brand new son!

got a call the same night,
not at all as you recall what things like,
back then, but things change, sometimes you lose friends,
but that don't mean you leave loose ends,
you just reach out beyond and soon you grew new strands,
and when the time is right,
nothing's better than... (her)
but life is better than... (her)
maybe when you come back things will occur,
but, for, now,
love, how,
from since the past to forever she will always make ya smile,
but that's on (you)
so don't forget to,
remember what I told you

I'm talkin to me,
when I'm talkin to you

you betta listen..

I'm talkin to me,
when I'm talkin to you

see life through the light,
only you can save you,
you gotta make ya smile,
no one else can make you

short and sweet,
you don't need more,
this is King's Business,
you don't need love and you don't need kinships,
love's in store when you handle intrinsics,

its about you for you,
tell me that you get this...
tell me that you get this...

I do...

I do.
Track Name: The Power Of Life***
g--g--g-good god, g-g-good god...

there used to be a time when love meant something,
didn't have to look hard, for goodwill,
hunting, people were real, good hearts stayed pumping,
but now bad hearts stay dumpin',
tissues' ischemic, issues repeated.
in retaliation, but do we really need it?
protect my heart, protect my soul,
cuz if I be good, do I gotta go?
I don't know..

short successive bursts of verses serving me purpose,
its like we bursas, absorbing shock as we come back down to earth its,
a little circus, the miracle of life,
and how its power in this world changes every night, its a fight


got in touch with the feelings, that I first felt,
I had my hand, cards were dealt,
Jack ain't Black, but I'm hoping on my 21,
that day will be the time I have the most fun,
the most hope for my outlook,
the most hope without looks,
back at the past, cuz I know the best things in life don't last,
but if I make every day the best I ever had,
I guess the every single one left can't be that bad,
but I still wish that I could go back,
can anyone tell me where we lost track?
I don't know...

short successive bursts of verses serving me purpose,
its like we bursas, absorbing shock as we come back down to earth its,
a little circus, the miracle of life,
and how its power in this world changes every night, its a fight


stress, pressure, less, lesser,
now tell me what you get when you put it all together?
fire from the ember, fire from the member,
of society, when they fire me,
did they think I would just go quietly?
actions get affected by lack of sobriety,
only cuz I breathe the haze they provided me,
fear when the thunder struck, fear of what's under us,
so we live, in between, suckled to, the machine,
nothing new, getting green, same crew, different fiends,
and its coarse, what's all up and through my veins,
indifferent spittin' collisions of different trains,
man, I don't know...

short successive bursts of verses serving me purpose,
its like we bursas, absorbing shock as we come back down to earth its,
a little circus, the miracle of life,
and how its power in this world changes every night, its a fight
Track Name: Sunrise2009 (Prod. Ta!ent)**
I see everybdody now gettin things riiight,
but wut about my liiife?/
ye I can make you smile,
but I havent smiled in a while,
what about my life?/
and I just seen another opportunity pass,
seeing life through this broken glass,
well right here is the breakthrough,
its time for the sunriiise

everything is sunny!
everything is bright!
nothings going wrong with my life/
everybody's paid,
everybody's gettin laid,
and in the end,
we're still just friends/
I wish this was how it go,
but I'm going back to reality and I got y'all in tow/
like a bull rush behind me,
its ok if I fall and u trample my brain,
already insane,/
I live life on the edge of danger,
J-walk red lights,
take candy from strangers,
I cut myself with paper,
100$ bills covered in blood,
white Air Forces,
two toned with a hint of mud/
when u put in the light,
but thats alright,
cuz I forever walk the unbeaten path,
but now I realized I wont last,
I wont last (repeat many times)
so I pick up that glass,
pick up that glass now...
then I put that shit down....//

since a little baby I was greedy,
tired of chillin in the womb,
I decided on an early greeting,
hello Ms. Mom nice to meet thee,
I've already cried,
please tell Mr.Doctorman to stop beating me/
I knew God was mad and wudnt cut me any slack,
cuz I was a kid full of sin my time in the womb cud back it up,
I entered into this world I covet,
but I am not above it/
God, goddamn! God man! why you gotta grab me out the fire by the legs and throw me in the frying pan!
He said: "N*gga you been GOD SMACKED! haha now tell 'em God's back!",
I didn't even have time to holla back,
Mr. Almighty spite me wit a heart attack/
now you know I regret not comin later,
layin on my back attached to some tubes in an incubator/
(draw this last bar out)
breathing like Darth Vader,
seeing my world through a glass,
I guess life come full circle dont it??
haha I'll drink to that!
but dont condone it.../
naw dont condone it//

now I may be wrong but arent most babies cute?
I wasnt alot to look at,
upon my salute but/
when you see something cute dont u wanna pet it?
huh daddy?
its like you saw the head and said forget it/
and I,
really couldn't be bothered with this guy,
I just moved on,
and lived my life/
I desensitized myself to my plight,
I had mommmy,
she loved me and that was alright/
till she got sick and I had to take care of her,
pretty much like a baby,
roles reversed strangely/
and then I had no help,
even the doctors put her on the shelf/
I put her in the chair and wheeled over there,
up the hills out the doors and always with care/
and all the time he was a few miles away,
and he cudnt even pay/
or call,
to see if I was alright,
"Do you need some help tonight?",
"Grab all the clothes I'll drive you to the laundromat,
and we'll talk",
but he just turned me to a doormat and he walked/
well guess what?
this doormat aint sayin "WELCOME",
oh you're a Christian man?
you have a son go help him,
you go to church and stand and raise your hands,
and you now have the audacity to call yourself a man!?/
well sit down here,
clean ya ears of all that Jesus shit,
ya listenin?
I just need you to hear this quick,
you just stay where you are and dont come near to me,
Ima work for my money,
no conspiracies/
no drunk driving tonight,
I put down that glass I quit,
Ima grab the finest car,
and drive it out the dealership,
and aim for the highest and drive...
into the sunriiiise//
Track Name: Interlude (Safe) (Prod. LXG)*
Regained myself but I lost some heat,
my head stay hot what an awesome feat,
who knew he could be cold-blooded,
cold flooded his body in an imaging ray,
blues filled his body in a damaging way,
icicles form; cold-studded,
feel that dermal papillae,
on tap you say? Coors Light,
freestyle to the cool moon light, who's light?
not me we gon' see who fight, I used to believe in do right,
and that two wrongs could be two rights,
but all that changes when you start aging,
change from the ways that made ya,
changes become major,
league but we got no ballplayers,
we see but we know nobody can save us
remade myself to a different face,
its cut in stone to guard my safe,
the place where I keep my soul,
so the world can't swallow it whole...
Track Name: Heartbeat**
this is a heartless venture,
my heart it sent ya,
cuz I've been separated I'm a lost adventurer,
if you try to bite my lines,
you might loss ya dentures,
so just listen to em,
and get lost forever,

took a long road to the man I am,
they say I got time to grow,
but I had my hand, I was dealt with,
if God had a plan I felt it,
wasn't goin nowhere,
in the pan I melted,
jumped out of it,
into the fire,
but it was inside,
and I feel it growin,
I have made a choice that,
I won't listen to my heart,
anymore, but I'll listen to the voices,

I can say that,
cuz I've become numb,
indifferent to the world,
crushed under my thumb,
I used to feel small,
and now I still do,
but not compared,
to what comes into my view,
I used to kneel at my pew,
I used to feel I could do,
anything, til I found,
the base of these wasn't true,
at least it didn't apply,
to me living my life,
and what I'm feeling inside,
could be me feeling the vibe,
or really reelin the tithes,
that I've been payin my life,
I could be sayin a lie,
or what I'm sayin is right,
all I know is now I finally got a say in my life,
I lost a little soul and I got a little colder,
at least now the rest of my body matches my shoulder,
I give to ya niggas,
only live for the figures,
and maself,
lookin out for me and nobody else,
I lost my heartbeat,
took it out and left it on a hard street,
waiting for the day, that me and my haert of hearts meet,

the one I had before,
it wasnt a match, now,
its me against the world,
its a hell of a match up,
I'm the heathen causing reason for the next disaster,
get ya ass up,
and listen to the pastor,
preaching over the beat,
ya offering I pass up,
music, death religion,
thats a hell of a mashup,
before when I was smitten,
I was givin em mad fucks,
now the people in my life I just see em as cancer,

back up
Track Name: Jacques Cousteau (1000 Leagues)**
I walk in, talkin'
lingo of powers that be,
that's me, with flows very locked in that,
beat, school you like you on that street,
Sesame, better be, the seeds on my bun,
leaving memories when I'm done,
like you that guy with the bagel?
do you need another one,
cuz I hear that's where all ya flows be comin' from,
bread with a hole, music dead with no soul,
put my head in the whole so you know the flows on,
cuz I love this song so why you ask that if you know what goes on,
so strong, so they try to cut ya hair and break ya down,
some fear, so take ya style,
come here, make a sound, don't ya see what's going round?
rappers' got a case of foot n mouth, and the sound's wack,
soundtrack to a life of how we count racks,
but we don't run the plays, we ain't even seen a quarterback,

but to keep ya guessin, I guess we call out audibles,
listeners get to stressin', we touchdown in the audio,
sounds of la guardia, hardly go hard as we,
real MCs, keep the real to the steel as we motor these streets,
lets go lets go as we motor these beats,
motorboat and skeet skeet,
bought a broken street speeder,
quarter way to broke but uphold the image that you know you better be,
I know a better me, he's hella cheap,
he's hella cheesy like fettucine,
loves his mom and makes music to complete he,
breathes he pleased but he learned not to walk that street,
cuz the only one he has to please is me,
the only one he has to please is me,
now that's deep.
now that's deep...
now that's deep...

you are now entering the thousandth league.

regained my style,
when my style gets cold,
I touch the ocean floor,
and I ground my soul,
you are now entering the thousandth league,
you are now entering the thousandth league,

lost touch, took a trip,
now I'm livin life,
got some people in my corner,
now I'm living right,
you are now entering the thousandth league,
you are now entering the thousandth league,

I didn't hold my breath but I swam this far,
making my return out of damaged parts,

you are now entering the thousandth league,
you are now entering the thousandth league,
Track Name: Choices Of Fate**
there's a little something new in the air/
there's a little something brewing in here/
there's a little something which moves with no care/
its fate and its something we won't escape/

shout it out,
you want out, but you can't get it,/
specially ever since you had ya pallet whetted/
by the upper echelon's care for a second/
but forget it,
that's the very thing that we dreaded/
cuz once we get it once,
they know we gon regret it/
its ambiguous, dangers of bangers living life residuous/
I could tell you stories, bout killers, Jason Vorhees/
who couldn't open doors, like they needed more keys/
or how they need more keys, so resorted to explore these/
options... and that's when the cops got them/
life confined in time behind the line/
with shine defined by how long the shower line is//
time is up, no matter how much of the grime is cut/
the diamonds cut, but he'll never get the diamond bucks/
now that sucks,
naw that's fate/
or maybe it's something we can't escape,
and that's us.../


verse 2

little boy tryina make a living,
made it with some givin'/
but now he sees the option to give in/
but his big momma won't let him/
despite all the actions against him/
equal forces never oppose,
so he never been froze/
so he's keeping it goes-in,
keeping his chosen, path/
chosen wrath is craft, soft-spoken/
but hard hittin words whoop ass/
woof past the dogs with bark but no bite/
trife, even 30 pound subwoofers sound light/
never held an arm, and he never held a hand/
no love, no hate, then he became a man/
saw what he could have been, saw what he should have been/
but saw that every new day is where his life anew begins/
and that's fate...
is that fate?
naw that's him...
that's him...


Track Name: The Code**
this is for all those/
who know the code/
stay raw with ya bros/
and don't show ya soul/
but if you ever bring/
that nigga shit on the road/
then that's ALL the fuck you is:/
shit on the road//

Track Name: Real N*gga Feel Like (Prod. MisterMista)**
tell em what my name is!
tell em what the real like,
can you please tell em,
what a real nigga feel like?

a real nigga feel like pain,/
a real nigga feel like reign,
a real nigga still might rain/
will, but we feel like chains/
so we stay strong til a peasant feel like king//
a real nigga feel like a playa; Hugh Hef/
he feel like life, he feel like death/
he feel like strife, he feel like breath/
he feel like this might be the last one left//
a real nigga feel like he made it to the top/
he feel like he made it but don't know how to stop/
a real nigga don't even want that fame/
he just wants somebody to know his name//
a real nigga don't wanna be on the news/
a real nigga love life, he might be confused/
he might be tellin' you that everything's alright/
then he might dissapear into the middle of the night//
and that's real

verse 2

a real nigga never been heard/
a real nigga doesn't exist, he's just absurd/
a real nigga might be livin' as a myth/
never seen him in ya face but now it comes to this//
a real nigga's as real as it gets/
a real nigga might be calm he might throw fits/
he might throw dice and he might throw fists/
he might love his wife and would die for his kids//
a real nigga might reminisce/
a real nigga's bite's venomous/
a real nigga life might have been a test/
a whole life in a mess/
but he'll realize it was the worth the price of admission/
real niggas die for the mission,
real niggas die for commision,
real niggas die for good intentions,
real niggas die and their never mentioned,
but most of all real niggas die for ambition

a real nigga might have died rollin on benzes,
a real nigga might have died homeless on benches,
a real nigga might have died wholesome repenting,
real niggas might die but they soul's in the record
Track Name: Interlude (Breakthrough) (Prod. LXG)*
I've seen my state, I've done my time,
I've abandoned my self so calm,
no games, will I change?
well we'll see if it goes on,
and hits so strong,
nothing like the first high you got,
from the first time you not,
the nice guy, you got by,
but you flopped,
eventually you're gonna have to make the games stop,
press reset on ya brain's not an option,
that you're given, so you breakthrough and make do,
with the things that make,
you, you, you, you...
Track Name: Fool On The Hill (Prod. IrateGeniusBeats)*
its a ridiculous thing,
living ridiculously,
meticulously going nowhere fast,
system of design with no brake pads,
and no break passing inspection,
crass in reception is brass,
top-class and respected,
extrovert sections of subverse sets get,
blessed with no societal cares,
steep stairs and a death wish, get this,
blood of a king but got sepsis,
no ring but everything's precious,
no sing but we wanna sell records,
rap, make beats, tap,
on MPCs to boom-bap,
suddenly the obstacles we see move back,
now let me see you move that, move black,
you can't do it, you taught us the basics and we became fluent,
we started with the students in congruence,
if we do this then we prove it,
its a new school with old school music,
take it to the 80s,
take it to the babies,
with crack as they neighbour and a brand new mercedes,
4 wheels to appeal to the ladies,
4 squealers in the lake, he's,
seen this all one day,
so what do you expect him to say?
mama? dada?
no he's sayin nada,
cuz his momma left it at home to go to gourmet king for some poo-poo platter,
she spent so much time tryina make that change, so don't blame her,
maybe the anger will make her better for a stranger,
as she tries to hide it,
by providers, tryina catch the fire,
catch the higher, so she's the next focus for a bachelor rider,
and then she's... retired,
never trust a clean shaven white man who consoles the crier,
who consoles the crier, who controls the fire,
who controls the higher, and controls the lows,
so no matter what you choose, you know which way to go,
its the flow...
they don't rap but they know..
so we gotta know more..
put the fools on the hill and we rock the core
Track Name: 5th Dimension**
together we can flyy,
there's power in the niight,
5th dimension wish that I could be there,
I could be there

verse 1

its a hard life but ya better live,
you feel bogged down cuz you don't know ascension,
ascension, a blessed gift, to the 5th dimension,
earthly delegates, flowing rich with melanin,
which they forgot to mention,
cuz if we know it all then we can't be henchman,
bigger, faster, stronger,
in harmony we lasting longer,
connect to heaven above,
no disrespect to the world I love,
but I gots to go, I gots to go,
and they gots to know,
cuz I don't plan to go alone,
let's see what happens when my people phone home, lets go

'verse 2

now I told you to live, cuz I know it gets better,
within this life I know we can live forever,
3rd dimension livin, got us in a prison,
4th dimension, gettin,
there, but ya still impaired,
in care of incognito,
taken out ya element like in vitro,
ex vivo, gotta get to ex-vita,
don't get sick and tired of this living-life fever,
you know you better take it,
cuz you're at your greatest shine when ya left stripped naked,
take it, to the 5th dimension...
now shine...

verse 3

I'm a bit light-skinned but this melanin's mine,
from the peneal gland I produce sublime,
divine, entrance, into unexpected,
pathways erected, by my awareness,
of my earthly careness, and subsequent abandonment,
of my collective,
an association, with no affiliation,
they don't rise high enough,
they don't rise to the sky enough,
they yeast aint got enough culture,
vultures, pickin' at the dead in the sculptures,
rock hard bodies, as I rise I have to feel sorry,
but I soon move on cuz ascension's got me,
... I hope you caught the ride,
if not the keys are on the inside
no need for a hanger,
just leaving your anger behind, while you free your mind
I shine, you shine, lets go...
let's go...
let's go...
let's go..
let's go let's go
Track Name: Toy Soldiers**

Step by step,
heart to heart,
left right left
we all fall down,
like toy soldiers/

Bit by bit,
we're torn apart,
we never win,
but the battle wages on,
for toy soldiers/


I'm sittin here tryina write,
my feelings onto this page,
but I can't see past the tears born out of this rage,
like clawing animals let loose outta the cage,
rakin' out my eyes,
for all the years they were enslaved/
but I...
I let it loose now,
its all rushin' so fast outta me I wanna puke now,
sittin' here watchin' these spirits flow outta me,
funny how emotion flowin' knows no boundaries/
its shakin' my body,
sendin' me into convulsions,
I'm seeing my veins,
a magnified feelin of pulses,
love coarsin' through my heart,
invigorating but,
at the same time its tearing me apart/
it feels good to know that I still got feeling,
but its been hiding from me so long,
why was it not healing?
thought it would be all taking time out at rehab,
but it all came back in a state of relapse/
5 years sober,
5 years older,
I really hope that I'm not 5 years colder,
I remember in my dreams when you told me to move over,
took the covers,
and kept tellin me that you were cold/
blue eyes blue hair blue lips and blue soul,
I wanted to see your face but knew that it was fool's gold,
I wonder if at the time you knew where you were gonna go,
and you were scared to go home/
well I have a feeling that your there now,
and can't let this sadness leave me impaired now,
I use your memory to smile,
just remember,
we love you,
no reason to be scared now...
go on...


Step by step,
heart to heart,
left right left
we all fall down,
like toy soldiers/

Bit by bit,
we're torn apart,
we never win,
but the battle wages on,
for toy soldiers/


this right here's a message for those totin' a gun,
if you're gonna pull it out,
you better know where to run,
better have an escape plan,
in ya fate man,
cuz by the time you draw,
it'll be too late man/
some might like to call it,
citizen's arrest,
but I swear Ima hit you so hard,
you're gonna need a vest,
close up bare fists go against clips,
machine for a man against my bare hands,
lets put em to the test/
stupidly for a stranger,
I put myself on the line,
thats how you put it,
lets just say,
their time aint before mine,
I saw the cards,
read the odds,
came to peace with my function,
I'll never live and see someone hit the heavenly junction/
tired of seein my momma cry,
tired of hearin my daddy lie,
ready to leave it all,
just lay down and go beddy bye,
but I take a look at this cold world,
and steel myself against the bitter wind,
cuz I'm fighting till the bitter end/
if in all of us there's a sinner then,
you know I'm never ever gonna be lettin' him win,
the day that I concede victory,
is the day that I declare that the value of life is shit to me/
life; is it for free? naw, you gotta pay,
its priceless, so how can one take it away?
one kid feeling godly, one kid feeling oddly,
so now he feels he can separate from this body?
well, I may be mortal, different in rebuttal,
in what I'm capable of when I see somebody in trouble,
but I know, I got a memory I won't let go,
of a soul who lives on as more than just a toy soldier


Step by step,
heart to heart,
left right left
we all fall down,
like toy soldiers/

Bit by bit,
we're torn apart,
we never win,
but the battle wages on,
for toy soldiers//
Track Name: Caribroke (Prod. Jbeats)**
somethin quick

I carry broke thoughts, and memories,
forever hold on, the code's strong,
no song I ever wrote, was perfect when you quoted,
but I thank ya for doing it,
to thank I put you in it,
I always refrain, from puttin' names,
but I thank Karley, Tony, my brother Dillan, Bob Marley,
verbal trauma, enzo, forever building karma,
you did alot, to help me out,
I'm not gonna, forget, but I know we aint done buildin' this yet,
and shoutout JDon, Chris Morris, legends stay strong,
we born on the same day! hey! nigga what's up! my nigga wussup!?
jbeats man, ya still in the cut, you be killin this up,
and sevan, ya flow's a mac-11, vindetta, ambition is a weapon,
keep shootin and threaten, any of these who losers who step in,
wolfsflow ya reppin, kydabeatmaka you the dude nothing less and,
I thank ya for the beats, the inspiration was a blessing,
dzyn, one day I'll be flying to Poland,
to see you lose control and,
we might handle the MPC,
to my aunt downloading my MP3,
I thank you for support,
you made funny a sport,
and I always stay in shape,
when I'm runnin this court,
even though when I'm runnin' its short,
and if ya not in this song,
well I'll get ya next time,
or to be honest, ya name didn't rhyme,
but shoutout my fam, friends,
and BPCI,
cuz even wit a broke cart I never leave you behind,
Track Name: Keiko's Smile (Prod. Sighdafekt)**
don't trust nobody, that's what they say,
but if you trust nobody, then feelings fade away,
then you soon become a cold carcass,
consumed with a cold heart gets you,
nowhere, still with no fear,
there's a treasure in your mind but nobody goes there/
you gotta let em in,
let a friend come in,
give em product of knowledge you're pedallin,
there's not a better sin, we all get into it,
whether in living life or involved with this music
I thank you, for getting me through life,
when I was going through strife and I was my own danger,
but soon, friendship gained way to anger,
funny cuz first it became love,
and you know what happens, you put everything above,
including yourself, and you reducing ya wealth,
but sometimes you gotta live life with out riches,
because then life becomes business,
and we all know that business can end frienships,
but still I thank ya, I thank ya, I thank ya, I thank ya..

all I got's my music and my moms, and if you sing along/
its also you that keeps me here, and if life is going on/
I hope you stay strong, cuz you're not alone, I know, you know I know, I know, you know I know/

we were fighting every night, it was wrong,
I was skipping every day, it was wrong,
and I was getting heinous in song,
but I was sacrificing the pay that could come,
the pain it was on,
and I made it ya fault,
to a degree, I see,
now, you were pushing me,
how could I see that life was bigger than me,
needed figures to see,
that life was on edge, and I needed to be,
a focused young man who could see a degree,
or at least a diploma,
now I'm learning techniques to treat lymphoma,
I owe it to ya mom for getting me outta coma,
high school was rough, but it made me stronger,
depression was a session that was ended,
for the, rest of my life,
won't rest til I buy,
you a cabin with fireflies by the lakeside,
make my life halfway complete by,
seeing you with a smile that I know will never die,
only then can I live the rest of my life,
but not until I thank ya...

all I got's my music and my moms, and if you sing along/
its also you that keeps me here, and if life is going on/
I hope you stay strong, cuz you're not alone, I know, you know I know, I know, you know I know/

life, we live,
we fight, we give,
recite, again,
life, we live,
we fight, we give,
recite, again
life, we live
Track Name: Thank You (Prod. Bonkers)**
momma say she cry when she think about the 70s,
wasn't alive but I know it was time for better things,
now imagine how I feel when I think about my time,
the 90s, sittin back in the sunshine,
the sun still shine but its not the same,
and if we having good times I do not complain,
becuz we know the good time's few and far between,
if only we could go back to from which we came,
from, when we were sane,
when we weren't vain,
well some of us were,
but kids weren't usin cuss words,
grandpa made custard,
grandma read the bible,
never read one verse,
but what the hell could I do?
I mean what the heaven,
7/11, slushee slurpin',
brainfreeze was the purpose,
when you get them,
tamigochi was ya best friend,
or you had ya crazy bones taken,
now we got alot more,
crazy bones shakin,
crazy domes quakin'
no longer support the information,
we live in overload,
in a cold world,
where the overcoat's taken,
am I all alone? am I really mistaken?/
I really miss days when,
all I had to worry bout was playin playstation,
dragoon was the legend,
its livin in this record,
on the beat,
bonkers he produced it,
I leave it on repeat/
to induce this,
to the kids this is nuisance,
why can't these old heads start diggin' new shit?/
well, let me say,
I'm only 21, and I feel so far away,
removed the present,
you too could be blessed with,
this feeling in ya plexus,
of jumping butterflies, you can't feel it when you textin'
it comes from experience,
of something so special,
that when it passes on,
you will never get to,
touch it, feel it, smell it,
hold it,
cuz now you've grown up and these companies control it,
and now all you can do,
is light up mental candles,
and hold onto the memories,
of a better time that passed through/
nostalgia, it can be hard,
sometimes it can hit you in ya own backyard,
when you lookin for yourself you might find something else,
and that might just be enough to get ya off the shelf,
and with that I return

thank you
Track Name: (BONUS)We Finally Figured It Out
"...Time for a nap. Meeting you guys. I finally solved the riddle of Keiko's smile."
"The answer?"
"Her parting words: Thank you... and then..."