by Ta!ent

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In April 2011, Ta!ent decided to jump into the rap game deeper than he had ever done before. He committed himself to releasing a brand new track every Sunday for the month of April, leading up to the day of his birthday, April 24th!

Reaching to the studio every day he could, through a hectic life, he learned to excel in tough conditions, while meeting a demand. This project is an official re-release of the APRIL SHOWERS BRING ME SHOWERS series; featuring songs that were released as part of the original series, as well as songs that never made it beyond the booth before the series wrapped up, and all new exclusive material. Now it all comes together as one cohesive album, tackling many concepts and themes, while showing Ta!ent's creativity, versatility, and dedication applied to his craft.

A largely self-produced project, nearly a year in the making, this is a great introduction to the mind of Ta!ent and his unique musical scope.


released February 29, 2012

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by: Enzo St. Clair



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Ta!ent Toronto, Ontario

I'm an MC/producer hailing from Toronto, ON, Canada. I keep things fresh and always need to be innovating when I get on the mic or the boards.

This music. Its me. Whether I made a beat, or I laced a verse on a track, every note and rhyme carries an element of myself. I'm constantly growing, changing, and improving whenever I can. Making music that bangs, touches, and sways. Enjoy
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Track Name: *BONUS* Stay Up feat. Enzo St. Clair (Prod. Enzo St. Clair)
Verse 1 - Ta!ent

tunes in my ear, trying not to study/
lord knows my mind on E-mo' then Kid Cudi/
n*ggas gettin' fake chemo to get money/
if my girl don't like Cee-Lo, then she's done-y/
gotta feel music of the soul/
get that first and other things got room to grow/
I ain't got a problem with Rihanna/
I just got a problem with 12 year-olds giving out vagina/
lil boys and Amber Coles eating out like diners/
no boundaries, they do it in ya face; Benihana's/
just when you thought the worst days were behind us/
now its 2012, they're tryina say our times up/
well, its 2012 get ya mind up/
its 2012, c'mon get ya grind up/
I'm talkin' 2-0 dollaz, 1-2 cents/
c'mon now playa, whatchu think I meant?/
this world's 2-face, call it Harvey Dent/
some be flippin' coins, some believe coin-cidence/
and if you're flippin' coins, you leave it all to chance/
tails you're the ghetto, heads you're better circumstance/
and I got tails, I was born to it/
held it to my body baby, I was warmed through it/
then I started thinking, maybe I was born music/
and then I started thinking, maybe I'm reborn through it/
and that's probably why I spit a reform to it/
and that's probably why, we swarm to it/
and now it got me thinking, what's wrong music?/
its like rappers don't be spittin' word is bond to it/
they be sayin' things, that they don't see/
if you say its real, you know it better be,
you ain't gotta get it tatted just for me to know/
don't put it on your body, put it in your soul//

Verse 2 - Enzo St. Clair

put it in your soul (sole) like a foot/
put your foot in your mouth, taste defeat (the feet)/
A to 3, U backwards (U3A), face to me/
I'm on the track, you can't contract in what you say to me/
what you say, to me it doesn't matter/
I can't hold on to it like I got a weak bladder, word/
words are irrelevant, redundant repetive/
mind of an elephant like Babar's a relative/
no representative, I represent myself/
I need more than a sedative to settle with good health/
of the mind, I'd have to be out of mind/
to see what's happening today and still think everything is fine/

Outro - Ta!ent

alright alright...
sometimes we don't see the good life but/
all we gotta do is turn on the lights/
stay up, stay up, stay up, stay up/
it'll be alright, stay up, stay up...