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by Ta!ent

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This is a selection of pretty much all the individual, stand-alone tracks I've released over the past 2 years. I condensed them all into this form to make room for the new and much improved music I'll be doling out from now on.


released February 2, 2013



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Ta!ent Toronto, Ontario

I'm an MC/producer hailing from Toronto, ON, Canada. I keep things fresh and always need to be innovating when I get on the mic or the boards.

This music. Its me. Whether I made a beat, or I laced a verse on a track, every note and rhyme carries an element of myself. I'm constantly growing, changing, and improving whenever I can. Making music that bangs, touches, and sways. Enjoy
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Track Name: I Won't Cut You Off
Track Name: I Don't Like You (Prod. Jbeats)

I don't like you,
I don't like the things you do,
I don't like the things you stand for,
no I'm not a jansport,
I don't got ya back,
no don't give me daps,
so back up homie you don't know me like that

verse 1:

like that, like that,
I see you bring opinions well I bring it right back,
everybody got one,
no cliche,
but I'm about to go a little risque,
shall we say,
I don't like you,
heard it in the chorus but I think you need 2,
ways to hear it, so I think the verse and hook'll do,
our relationship is porous,
it is almost see through,
see me, see you,
see who, is real,
and which one of us needs a redo,
reset like a game of tag back in pre-school,
I caught ya, now I gotta count to 32?
again? naw, look if that's the way ya playin,
I'm about to dissappear like an act from David Blaine,
or maybe Kane, not even half brothers no,
but like the Undertaker bout to end the show,
put the lights out,
wit the tombstone


verse 2:

look at me and you,
we dont even get along,
so how do you expect me to even get you on a song,
I am not like you,
collab maybe,
but I have still yet to see respect that you have paid me,
not on level legend, but just on level bretheren,
come at me the wrong way, I won't give you a second,
talk about my music but never listen to it,
or everytime you criticize its not about improvement,
I did it on my own, never had a hand,
and through this music I became a man,
so if u bring that little boy shit, I'm annoyed with you,
poise would do good but ya noise is brutal,
whether ya talkin or ya rappin,
standing to peripheral of epicentre's action,
my brain is where all the magic happens,
but now I'm lockin niggas out,
I won't let you back in,
I tried to connect,
like 4's on deck,
but u came at me diagonal the board's all wrecked,
I am not playing the same game,
I am not aiming to plain jane,
or be a friggin john doe,
no name nigga livin rich dyin in a condo,
playing for the green off assists like rondo,
rather be poor scoring all my own baskets,
just want you to respect my craft thats it...

but I'm past it.
I quit.
droppin my return,
1 or 2 more projects,
and on to the next step,
I shift.
Track Name: Ta!ent ft. K-Dee - Real Side (Prod. Talen Ted) *no relation*
True talent comin' at ya boy/
Playing music, its a muh-f-ckin toy/
This kinda shit will fill ya life with the greatest joy/
Even if you're broke hungry and unemployed/
I spit mad rhymes like my life depended on it/
Me and Ta!ent about to drop another motherf-ckin hit/
Real niggas full of style charm and grace/
You know my style, I do this at my own goddamn pace/

on pace, one foot set in front another/
workin off assists, progress is steppin on each other's/
what they tell you, but the dream they try to sell you/
same one's that try to fell you, like a soldier on the field/
but a soldier never will, if ya soul is golden/
still standin, re-invent the wheel,/
handed plans is never granted, take ya planet in ya hands/
and span it, cross it stretch ya mind like spandex/
for the excercise, feast ya eyes on the prize/
its inside you, realize you been lied to/

You tried to, but never seemed to find you/
You lookin' all around you, haters nevermind you/
Aint gont let em define you, even if they sign you/
And let the fame take you and rape you and make you/
into a pussy b*tch/

someone's gettin by, someone's gettin rich/
someone's gettin fly, someone's gettin lift/
-ed, this is, down to earth/
business, now you heard/
this kid, this is what's inside his mind/
never let outside define walk the line and always stay me/
me and K-Dee/
forever stay free/

on the real side.
Track Name: Gold (remix)
I'm cold though,
hot when I ride solo,
intercommunication not one of my goals,
over the rainbow, your not gonna find total,
packages, skittle lookin rappers turned average,
the game sucked me down to the core I turned savage,
more sour than before product of the masses,
fuck around and start a war, bomb ya like Damascus,
man of many faces, sorta like The Mask is,
cool calm and collected but when I blow can you match this?
cuz I got the funk sorta like a mad disco,
dance like the figurine of a stripper on the pole,
livin in her memories, cuz she could never know,
why her mom always beats, and her daddy never home,
last time she ever seen, gave it to her and he gone,
she was 5 years old, freshly american,
but papi had issues they had to send him home,
now she crying on the phone,
tell me why I'm in the zone,
when I listen to her poem,
of her mama dead and gone,
how she smashed the figurine,
and her dancing it was gone,
if her passion kept her strong,
guess what happens when its gone,
felt weak, ran outside fell victim to the street,
came back, no reprieve she was on the attack,
how could you lie to em and you made em send him back?
ultimatum of her actions, of fatal attraction,
tell me or ya whole life'll lose traction,
her mom just cried, she was tied to the fact that,
she tried her whole life to deny her the faction,
of night time walkers, cuz she was one back when,
just before she met her father,
never going back then,
almost had an attack when it happenned,
the man who saved her, now her saviour was gone,
and she had to get the paper alone,
and she tried her best, but was bested by the stress,
and the time invested, she broke down and asked my love,
do you get this?
I can't explain it better,
you could only know if you knew the pain forever,
livin in her brain,
livin wit the same,
guilt, of the next day that she felt,
held a gun to my mom! I should kill myself!
but she came to grips,
and she gave her a kiss,
and told her we shouldn't live a life like this,
went to rehab and it was like gifts,
she said I still feel it but I know the fight is,
and before you judge the way she livin life,
its best that you know,
that she got one goal,
take her mama's ashes,
save up money and she gone,
to find her daddy,
she'll never be alone,
so I told her.... be on.
be on, be on.....
Track Name: Blue Sky (Da Ba Dee)
I'm sittin in the path,
in the middle of the Ave.
I'm going nowhere fast,
I'm watching everybody pass,
but guess what what,
I ain't mad,
cuz my spiritual,
contradicts my physical,
that you're capturing in your visual,
this individual is spirited,
my presence is residual
ya hearin' it,
not a man of God but I had to put the fear in it,
lived my whole life seeing success fearing it,
gotta huff less, here wit it,
sober life no veering it,
control of the wheel,
my life a Cadillac but I say no to Deville,
my life of choice, keep my soul,
unstifled voice,
instead of sellin' it,
to inject me with the poison,
voices tellin' me I'm makin' bad choices,
I don't know why,
I guess they never seen a blue sky,


I'm blue, if I was green I would die,
you can follow that with daba dee daba die,
like the hook, I hit the switch to flip the script and sit and write a book,
its a hit insider look, put a hit inside the hook,
I bring it back to 2000 with this,
the first time I loved rap and now here it is,
development of a pioneer that never settled for a settlment,
conquered a speech impedement, captured the sedement,
and put it in a glass,
and then he turned it over and watched the time pass,
now he rhyme fast, now he rhyme bad,
now you can see I'm doing it for the smiles I never had,
with lines I'm gettin' toothy,
signs are pointing to me,
he's a warrior, he's a troop, he,
is serious, delirious, gregarious and goofy,
the heavy tongued heavy one,
bout to break a levy son, so you better run


look ma, don't be shook ma,
blue sky on the ho-ri,
-zon, tune by son,
son gettin' live on the track,
sun, see he shines on the track,
tears run, I could cry looking back,
but lets do it for a minute,
wouldn't mind looking at,
innocent lil boy dancing to ya music,
imagine how it really felt when you couldn't groove wit,
but I wouldn't trade the rough for the smooth shit,
cuz you were impeccable determined and ruthless,
the pain and the wheelchair,
couldn't keep you still there,
we still got pain but at least we still here,
keep fightin'
if you feel the earth shake, its you not the lightning,
earth shattering, penetrate and batterin',
darkness; sun;
you're a blue sky let the latter in
Track Name: Go Far (Prod. Ta!ent)

bring it all back,
seen all that,
wanna go far,
but ambitions don't match/

verse 1:

out of my mind I been fried all day,
taking my time writing rhymes all day,
riding my high I define my way,
but the state don't grind it just ride softly/
gotta make moves if I wanna be heard,
but the game don't vibe or define my words,
they askin me what I done lately,
will you leave when ya run is done, maybe/
maybe I might continue,
mentor a youngin or rock a venue,
high profile or keep it low key,
cuz as of right now my city know me/
drop in studios,
rappers sayin that they know me,
student beating master,
darth vader kenobi/
I aint sayin that I'm the best yet,
but with the microphone and headset,
Im carving out steps/
became independent,
no chain or pendent,
no shame, defended,
my soul/
maintain to the end of my goals,
cuz that's the only way to go/

look at the monster this music made me,
tryina find ways for you not to hate me,
but now I don't care if you just ain't feelin it,
cuz right now I'm killin it/


verse 2:

They know the way I'm sposed to go,
But I go against the flow,
Upriver, set em all aquiver,
Go against the mindset that I gotta get bigger/
introverted soul never see me up in pictures,
gotta let it go, cuz they gotta know who is this,
oh god, somebody save me,
cuz I love this but can't get out of my safety/
but when I step out you know that I kill it,
lose my control I can feel it,
music controlling my feelings,
heated composure come feel it/
pillar could hold up a village,
stronger than older Hercules,
nobody knows my achilles,
never be showing my weakness/
you can hate me,
you can love me,
its the same thing/
this is coming out of my shell in the making,
if you're wondering what the hell could ever make me,
go hard til my casket.... that's it/

look at the monster this music made me,
tryina find ways for you not to hate me,
but now I don't care if you just ain't feelin it,
cuz right now I'm killin it/


verse 3:

I feel it in my soul,
the feeling ever grows,
gets bigger,
make me wanna pull the trigger,
pull it so hard you will never know hit yaaa/
oh yes,
I see the pretty girl in the flowing red dress/
never corrupt me,
never abruptly,
change my goal,
my pathway,
I know which way I go/
follow the yellow brick road,
know I'll never be throwed,
if I take the off beaten path,
just know I get back on track,
I never finish last,
pit stop replenish/
its not the finish,
popeye kickin ass,
I havent eaten the spinach,
I'm gonna go far,
just know when I get it/
I keep pushin to inifinite
and if you listenin to this here,
I know its only this year
but you gon help me get there
Track Name: "Excellence" (Prod. Ta!ent)(Co-Prod. Enzo St. Clair, Rob Goblin)
Let's get one thing straight; I got nothing to lose/
you ain't talk my talk, you ain't walk in my shoes/
I've changed my life, I'm going through school/
tryina get that cake; tiramisu/

but its "Superbad"; I don't need it/
cuz once I get it, keeping its the biggest secret/
I could save it all, do something big/
but I follow my heart, I just wanna live/

and I ain't living reckless, I'm just living well/
to alleviate keeping marks up; retail/
I barely use punchlines, that's a weak sale/
had to sacrifice to get the point across; me fail/

but enough pre-school rap, lets get back to the real/
I'm tryina spit something, something you truly feel/
something young dude he feel, it is my duty still/
to be the first like black guys in movies killed/

but this is not, a scary movie/
clearly you can see I paid my dues/
the Hitchcock of rap, without a groupie/
you can keep em all man its cool/

no fake love, need only one girl/
I ain't found her yet, but I found the world/
I found my guys, I got my homies/
and you can be one too, if you get to know me/

but for now, my circle's tight/
I'm just being honest, I ain't tryina start a fight/
ain't got no God complex, nor do I think I'm better/
than any other human, nor do I count that cheddar/

put my ideas in units of lumens just for measure/
do it like yo mama with two men, ye just for pleasure/
I'm just joking, I'm bout that unity/
if that's yo mama, she's the mom of you and me/

and when it comes to parents, I always cry/
the other day I seen a scene that brought tears to my eyes/
one proud father, on my bus ride/
one stroller, all his children by his side/

lil baby cryin', toddlers all over/
and the one that was older, catching sleep on his shoulder/
I look around, and what do I see?/
seven black men with the same look as me/

a look of despair, you know how that feel?/
seven hearts with the same innocence that got killed/
I saw it resurface, at that very moment/
man its this life, that keeps my words potent...//